1. When you arrive at camp, please  register right away in the store.

2. Please no smoking or alcoholic beverages in the buildings or on the grounds at any time.

3. If firearms are brought, they are to be used only at the shooting range and at scheduled times. Due to the nature of camp and the safety of campers and staff, please keep guns locked in your car at all other times.

4. In order to keep from having unnecessary injuries, please do not use your car for transportation around camp. We will let you know the parking area when you arrive.

5. Please do not bring open food or drink into the cabins.

6. Our desire is for our guests to get away from the hectic pace of life at home and work and enjoy the peaceful, quiet desert. Our hope is that our guests can live gadget-free during their stay— free from distractions, considering the Word of God and its impact in their lives.