What is a Custom Camp?

One thing that we are working on starting up is our custom camps.  Perhaps  your church group is looking for a place to get away for a weekend to have a ton of fun and grow  closer as a church body. Maybe your men's or ladies groups want to do their own camp. It might be that your school is looking for a beginning of the year retreat for its students. Perhaps your deacons, pastors, or other church leaders want to have a few days of planning and would love to do it at a camp. All of these things are possible with our  custom camps! Just like the title says, these camps are very customizable. You will be able to choose which activities you want, make your schedule for the weekend, and you can even use your own music leader and speaker if you would like. We provide the food and lodging, run activities, and help make sure things keep running the whole weekend for you.

Right now, we have between August 21-September 16 open for custom camps in 2017. If you would like to plan a camp during that time, please give us a call!


This totally depends on the type of camp you decide to do- men's, women's, school,  family, etc.  We have a pricing sheet that breaks everything down  for you.  We would love to help you put together a camp that is enjoyable for your group, safe for each person, and most importantly, challenging in their spiritual life. We believe that every group is unique, and with that comes our responsibility to provide a custom camp with your group's needs in mind. Your goals become our passion! A custom camp allows you to design the schedule, activities, and sessions to meet the goals of your people and your ministry.

Our hope is that you would consider us to join you in the privilege of designing your next custom camp. If you are ready to start setting one up, just follow a few steps.

  1. Call our program director, Scott Schulman, at 307.401.1050 for pricing details and to let him know you are interested.
  2. Share what type of camp you would like to do, dates that are possible (we recommend having three options), and approximate number of campers.
  3. We will then check our calendar and see when we can schedule your camp and get back with you.
  4. After a date, price, and numbers are agreed upon, a contract with all the details will be sent to you.
  5. Once we receive your signed contract and positional statement as well as your deposit, your dates are reserved. The balance of your contract is due upon your arrival for camp.
  6. About a month before your camp, our program director will contact you to confirm numbers and work through your desired schedule and activities. Our registration office will also send you some information to help you streamline your check-in process.