What is a Custom Camp?

Are you looking for a place to get away, have a lot of fun, and grow closer as a church body? Maybe your men's or ladies’ group wants to enjoy a retreat. It might be that your school is looking for a beginning of the year camp for its students. Perhaps your deacons, pastors, or other church leaders want to have a few days of planning and would love to do it at a peaceful location. All of these things are possible with our custom camps!
​As Camp Grace grows, we believe that God has called us to develop our custom camp ministry. Custom camps are a unique way to minister to churches by meeting their individual needs. A custom camp allows you to design the schedule, activities, and sessions to meet the goals of your people and your ministry. How would custom camps benefit your church? Here are a few reasons.
Customization: From your church leaders to your teenagers, each group in your church has unique spiritual and physical needs. Custom camps are an excellent way to meet these needs because they allow you to modify every aspect of your retreat to best fit your group. When planning a retreat, you will be able to choose which activities would best fit your group’s energy and goals. You will also be able to construct a schedule that fits your group’s time frame and pace. You can even bring in your own music leader and speaker to minister to your group; however, if you would like us to provide a music leader and speaker, we would be glad to. We provide the food and lodging, run the activities, and make sure things keep running the whole time that you are here.
Hassle Free: Many times church members spend so much time planning a retreat that they do not have the time or the energy to personally benefit from the retreat. Custom camps eliminate the hassle and the stress of running a retreat, allowing those who are constantly serving to be served. It is our privilege and our passion to create an experience that is simple and hassle free for your church members.
Church Encouragement and Growth: Custom camps are an excellent way to encourage and grow your entire church. By targeting one group of your church at a time and ministering to their individual needs, custom camps allow these members to return to their homes and churches and better fill their roles. For example, husbands and fathers that are able to get away for a weekend and spiritually recharge return to their churches and homes better prepared to serve, and consequently the entire church benefits. The same goes for any group within the church. Church leaders that can focus purely on God’s word for a weekend return to the church filled and ready to minister to others. By meeting the individual needs of the groups in your church, custom camps benefit the entire church. We would love to help you put together a camp that is enjoyable for your group, safe for each person, and most importantly, spiritually challenging.

We have lots of dates available in 2018/2019 for possible custom camps. If you would like to plan a camp during that time, please give us a call at 307.401.1050!