Teen Work Camp

The teen  work weeks are awesome and unique opportunities. Want to help rebuild the camp that you and your friends could be going to for years? Not many people get that cool opportunity!
These weeks will give an opportunity to not only have a packed full fun week of camp, but also to be able to work hard to help do projects around the camp. The teens will help with work projects during the mornings and then do "normal" camp activities, such as games, skills classes, hikes, and services the rest of the day. 
Dates:  We do not currently have one of these scheduled for 2018. If you have interest in one, please contact us at 307-401-1050.
Anyone from 7th-12th grades is welcome.


Work Camps

Since the fire in 2012, many church groups from all around the country have come out to Camp Grace to help us rebuild. This is a week where a church group can come to Camp Grace and work on rebuilding the camp together. It is a great time of bonding and learning to work together, while also getting to see a lot of progress on different projects throughout the week. If your church is looking for a missions trip for next summer and would be interested in helping rebuild a camp, this is a great opportunity for you!
Dates:   Please call us at 307.401.1050 or 307.331.0218 to figure out possible dates that you could come up for a work camp. 
Cost: $30/person per day; the fees cover all your food and lodging for the week
How to sign up: If you are interested in getting involved in helping rebuild Camp Grace, contact Scott Schulman at 307.401.1050 and he will help you get signed up.