This page is designed to let parents know everything they need to know about Camp Grace and their child's week of camp here.


Arrival and Pickup Information:

Registration opens on Mondays after 3:00 PM right outside our Sutler's Store. Make sure to bring:

  • Any special instructions
  • Medications clearly marked
  • Camper spending money
  • Registration/Medical form if you have not mailed it in yet
  • Any remaining balance due for your camper fees

Pickup  is right after breakfast on Saturday morning (9:00 am). We will have all the campers luggage in the Grand Hall, and the campers will be in the main camp area. Please try to be on time and let us know if you will be arriving late.



Cabin Assignments:

You may request a person for your child to room with on the registration form. We do the cabin assignments about a week in advance, so make sure to let us know by then. We do try to group the campers by age, with most people in their cabin within one grade of them, so keep that in mind when making requests. We try to honor as many requests as we can, but we cannot promise that they will all work out depending on other requests and age differences. For the request to count, the two campers must request each other. For instance, 10 campers cannot all request the same person and expect to all be together. Please let us know if you have a special situation on your registration form.



Camper Communication:

Family and friends are asked not to have direct contact with campers while camp is in session. We have the campers turn in their phones to someone to keep in a safe place once they arrive. There are many reasons for this, but the main reason is to help the campers be able to fully get away from distractions at home and focus on building relationships and learning more about God.


Letters are the best way to communicate with the campers during the week. If you are mailing a letter to your campers, please allow 3-4 days. You can also drop off letters at registration for us to hand out during the week.



Contact Information:

Mailing Address
Camp Grace
382 Fletcher Park Road
Wheatland, WY 82201

Phone- 307.331.0218 or 307.401.1050

Since we currently do not have camp for much of the year, we do not have specific "office hours." You can leave a message on either phone number or email us, and we will get back with you as soon as possible. During the camp weeks, we will be able to get back to you much faster.

Please contact us right away if:

  1. You have a camper illness, food allergy, injury, or traumatic event arise after you submit their medical form for summer camp. We can then change their form to reflect the updated information.
  2. We contact you while your child is at camp.
  3. You have travel issues or something comes up and you know you will be late dropping off or picking up your child.
  4. Someone different will be picking up your child.


Directions to Camp Grace:

If you are coming from I-25, take exit 94 for El Rancho Road and follow the signs for Camp Grace from there.



Financial Info:

When you sign up, you must pay at least the $25 non-refundable registration fee to reserve your child's spot. If you would like, you can pay the rest at that time, send a check in later, or pay the balance when you arrive at camp.


To receive the early bird discount, your camper must be registered by March 1. We do have scholarships available if money is a problem, so please let us know if you would like more information about them.



Health Care:

Camper Medical Form- This is located on the back of your registration form, and is very important to help ensure your child's health and well being at camp. It gives us contact information, lets us now about health issues, and gives them permission to participate in activities. We MUST have one of these forms for every camper on property.

Medications at Camp- All medications should be labeled and specific instructions written. When campers arrive, they must turn in ALL medications at registration to the First Aid Provider. She will keep them locked up until they are necessary. The only exception is something like an inhaler or an EpiPen that must be with them at all times. We do keep common over the counter medications on hand, so there is no need to bring those.

Health Care at Camp- We have a first aid provider at camp at all times when it is in session. She attends all of the games, a lot of the activities, and is around the camp available for injuries or illnesses that arise. She is the one who will administer all medications as well. She is certified in CPR and First Aid and has been trained on dealing with many situations that could come up throughout the week. If your child is injured or seems like he is getting sick, we will contact your emergency numbers to see what you would like us to do.



Lost and Found:

We will do our best to return anything that your camper leaves at camp. If your child loses an item, contact our office and let us know a description of the item and we will contact you and let you know if we find it.

  • Help us by having your campers name on items so it is easier to identify them.
  • If we have to send them by mail, you will be responsible for the shipping costs.
  • If you have not called about the missing items by the end of September, we will be bringing them to a thrift store, disposing of them, or putting them aside for future camper use.



Money At Camp:

You will want to make sure your child has some spending money for snacks and souvenirs throughout the week.

For Junior Camp, we collect their money at registration and put it in the camper bank. They are able to get some out every day. This keeps the money in a safe place, and also helps teach them to budget their money throughout the week. Teen campers can either keep their money, or open up a tab in the Sutler's Store. Some examples of prices are:

  • snacks and drinks- $1
  • t-shirts- $3-$12
  • hoodies- $25
  • We also have a few small souvenirs like stickers, bracelets and mugs from $.50-$10



Packing For Camp:

The packing list for campers is located here. Make sure and look over that list carefully and know what to bring and not bring. Please bring an appropriate amount and style of clothing, noting our modesty requests on the list. A sample schedule is located here on our summer camp sample schedule page, so looking over that will help you get an idea of other items they may need.



Staff Screening and Training:

Every summer, Camp Grace recruits a certain number of volunteers to assist our staff for the summer. We choose individuals from churches and Christian colleges who are at least 17 years of age. We seek to find Christian young men and women who are living with integrity and would be good examples for your children.

Staff Screening- Each person that we hire is carefully screened. They must fill out a detailed application, and get multiple character references. Once we review those, we choose the ones best suited for the jobs based on that information.

Staff Training- All of our summer staff are required to attend two weeks of training prior to the weeks of summer camp. This training includes learning all of Camp Grace's policies, child abuse prevention and reporting, the mission of Camp Grace, as well as training on all the specific activity areas and games around camp. Staff are also trained in their specific roles of kitchen, program, counselor, etc.